About Vegan Low-Carb Recipes

This is a recipe first blog, which means you don’t have to look at my pictures or listen to my stories to get to the recipes. Because they’re always first– right at the top of the dang post.

All of these recipes are 100% vegan. They are also low-carb: I aim for <10 carbs per entree, <5 for snacks. Not all recipes are appropriate for ketogenic dieting, which has especially strict carb limits, but most are.

I always try to credit others whose recipes have inspired me. If you feel like I’ve overlooked a credit, please let me know ASAP!

I also strongly encourage and welcome comments, links, and Howdy-hellos from other vegan food bloggers, low-carb or not! If you have improved on one of my recipes or have one that’s better, please share!

I am not trying to build a brand or to get my lovely face out there. My only goal is to share great vegan food with folks who are watching their carbohydrate intake and prove that you can be low-carb, vegan, satisfied, well-fed, healthy, & happy without a ton of work!